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Polymer's gorgeous job boards let you stand out in the crowd. Make a great first impression—no code required.

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Backed by an API

You can either use our ready-made job board or build your own front-end using our developer API.

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A beautiful home for your job posts

Polymer job boards list out all your active job posts and provide an entire page dedicated to each. Each job post has a form to accept candidate applications and each application shows up in a hiring dashboard for easy review and management.

It works as great as it looks. We sweat all the design details so you can focus on growing your team.

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Powerful, expressive customization

Polymer job boards look clean and simple, but provide a ton of flexibility.

Your job board starts as a minimal display of your job openings. However, you can build it out to become a full-blown careers site as you layer in additional images, videos, maps, and text.

An image of the job board configuration page in Polymer

Packed with features

Polymer job boards are designed and built with all the functionality you need to grow your team.

Mobile ready

Your job board and job posts will display beautifully across all devices.

Custom apply forms

You can customize the form fields that display for each of your job posts.

Custom job categories

You can define job categories that fit the types of roles you're looking to fill.

Social share images

Upload your own social share images to ensure your posts stand out.

Instant setup

Your job board is created automatically as soon as you sign up.

Easy sharing

Easy links to allow visitors to share your jobs posts to their networks.

Video headers

Go beyond text by adding a featured video at the top of your job posts.

Job board subscriptions

Job seekers can subscribe to your job board to be notified of updates.

Location maps

Easily add maps to your job posts to highlight physical job locations.

Custom domains

Configure your job board to live at a web domain owned by your organization.

Job board API

You can easily access all your job information via our developer API.

Flexible branding

Logos, images, and custom text ensures your job board stays on-brand.

Your job board is just the beginning

Polymer provides a platform that helps support your entire team across every stage in your hiring process.

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No matter what type of organization, from local brick-and-mortar shops to distributed tech startups, Polymer is the best way to grow a team.