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Stop jumping between spreadsheets, emails, and notes. Polymer has everything you need for hiring, all in one place.

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Simple to manage

Polymer keeps things organized as you qualify candidates and move them through your hiring process.

Easy to customize

Create a hiring flow that fits the needs of your organization perfectly. Polymer is designed to adapt.

A dashboard to run your hiring

An organized view across all your hiring efforts makes it easy to keep track of job details, publication status, and candidate counts.

Each job has a dedicated display for managing it, coordinating with your hiring team, and evaluating candidates.

An image showing the careers page dashboard in Polymer

Rich candidate profiles

Polymer's comprehensive candidate profiles give you all the information you need to evaluate and manage your candidates.

You can easily view application details, resumes, social accounts, contact information, team comments, and private notes.

An image of a candidate profile in  Polymer

Built-in candidate messaging

Email is built into the application so you can send messages to candidates without ever leaving the app. Reusable templates make sending common replies and sending bulk messages a breeze.

Everyone on the hiring team has a shared view of the full message history with each candidate so everyone can stay on the same page.

An image showing the candidate messaging feature in Polymer

More features to love

Polymer is packed with features to help you with application tracking and candidate management.

Notification hub

A robust notification system gives a birds-eye view of all your hiring activity.

Candidate quick search

Easily search through active candidates and jump directly to their profile.

Candidate reviews

Record detailed candidate feedback and assign a score to share with the hiring team.

Private notes

A notes page for each candidate where you can collect your thoughts.

Bulk messaging

Easily send messages to all candidates within a hiring stage at once.

Message templates

Create templates with dynamic content placeholders for frequently sent messages.

Activity feed

View a timeline of all actions that have occurred for each candidate.

Custom hiring flows

Create custom candidate groupings in a way that reflects your ideal hiring process.

Have a careers page up and running in minutes

With just a few clicks, you can have a dedicated job board for your organization online, ready to accept applications.

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A screenshot of a job board built with Polymer

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No matter what type of organization, from local brick-and-mortar shops to distributed tech startups, Polymer is the best way to grow a team.