About us

Hyper-focused on details. We're dedicated to our craft and we hope it shows through in our work.

Our principles

Question the standards

When people think of hiring, they think of outdated practices, stuffy procedures, and broken norms. While other hiring platforms exist to just serve the status quo, we're building something different. We know there's a better way that exists outside of what's typical.

Hiring is for everyone

Hiring is foundational to creating great work culture. It's a responsibility that goes beyond specific job titles or roles. We can create tools that encourage everyone to get involved with hiring in a way that feels meaningful and rewarding.

The details matter

We regard code as craft and strive to build software that we're proud of. We spare no attention to details and understand that every considerate decision eventually adds up to create an exceptional user experience.

Start with simple

Even the most powerful tools should be easy to get started with. We aim for every feature to be intuitive and obvious in a way that provides immediate value while still offering a depth of functionality as users become more experienced.

Built in Charlotte

While originally known as a financial hub, having become one of the fastest growing cities in America, Charlotte has evolved into a hot spot of technology on the East Coast.

Founded and headquartered in Charlotte, Polymer thrives within the vibrant community of young, innovative companies growing in the city.

The Charlotte skyline
Photo by Daniel Weiss on Unsplash

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No matter what type of organization, from local brick-and-mortar shops to distributed tech startups, Polymer is the best way to grow a team.

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